Youth Entrepreneurship Training

  • June 11, 2018
150 150 Head Start in Business

Practical training tailored to Northern Ontarians

The activities within the context of Head Start in Business (HSIB) teach project management, while giving the opportunity to promote a positive image about self-employment and entrepreneurship.

These workshops encourage youth to consider entrepreneurship as a promising career choice. During the practical workshops, tools are provided to participants to help them develop a global perspective of their community’s needs, available resources, tasks to perform, and time to devote in order to achieve their goals.

These aptitudes that we often link back to entrepreneurship nonetheless, exerting a greater overall impact on their professional life. The independent study on the HSIB program outcomes conducted in 2015 to 2017 by Clearlogic reveals that the positive impacts of participation to the activities go above and beyond an entrepreneurial mindset. In fact, participating youth are more apt to join the workforce.

Conclusive Outcomes Beyond Entrepreneurship

In keeping with the data collected from a group of 300 previous HSIB participants and from 100 young participants aged 15 to 29 acting as a control group. Results indicate that 14.7% have full-time employment (compared to 9%), 6% are self-employed full time (compared to 3.6%), 5% are both self-employed and working elsewhere (compared to 0%), and 68.7% have part-time employment (compared to 61.3%). Likewise, more HSIB participants pursue post-secondary education (38% compared to 25%). Note that, only 7% of HSIB participants are unemployed compared to 25% in the control group.

Considering that from 2015 to 2017, Head Start in Business (HSIB) activities have reached more than half of the 34 and under demographic of Northern Ontarians, it qualifies as a first-rate performance! Activities were provided in both French and English to 16,423 young participants aged from 4 to 34, out of a possible 30,715 people under the age of 34 living in Northern Ontario. Furthermore, the increasing outreach of the program is also astounding: Head Start in Business has welcomed almost twice as many participants in 2015 to 2017 than its two previous years.