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Virtual Flagship Programs

Our online programming plants the seed of entrepreneurship and leadership among our young people and encourages students to be enthusiastic about their future. Webinar and video conferences are facilitated by a program coordinator and integrate classroom curriculum to draw the connections between entrepreneurship and educational outcomes. Programs are offered in both official languages across Northern Ontario.

Apply for free programming HERE! We are currently offering videoconference for Create a Logo & Market your Thoughts programs. We appreciate your patience while we prepare our other programs.

Videoconference or Webinar? Here are a few helpful hints to help you make the best choice for your classroom:

Webinar Videoconference
·         Pre-recorded by trained facilitators ·         LIVE session with a trained facilitator
·         No scheduled time ·         Sessions scheduled directly with your facilitator
·         Unlimited views for the week ·         One-time session
·         Teacher led discussions and activities ·         HSIB facilitator led discussions and activities
·         Teacher participation: high ·         Teacher participation: moderate
·         Student booklets will be provided digitally when applicable. ·         Student booklets will be provided digitally when applicable.
school programs
school programs
school programs

Head Start in Business is proud to announce that we have created an alumni association! Please follow this link to create an account. The purpose of our alumni association, is to connect Head Start in Business participants with past participants, fellow entrepreneurs, and mentors. The alumni association can also be used to find a network in your community, gain access to special offers and opportunities only for alumni, and keep up to date with all Head Start in Business news!