Social Thinktank Event in Timmins

  • March 23, 2018
150 150 Head Start in Business

Head Start in Business is proud to co-host with ENACTUS Northern College the Social Thinktank event that will be held next week March 27th and 28th in Timmins, Ontario. Register for the event by clicking the link below:

Join the pitch competition and work towards developing a sustainable business solution that has the potential to solve or alleviate identified social issues within our communities. The grand prize is $3000 with additional in-kind services to help the winning group pursue the implementation of their newly developed business model.

Not-for-Profits/Community Service Providers

The event organizers are seeking representatives from the not-for-profit sector to attend the event and provide relevant industry expertise that will benefit the formation of a business model with the potential to alleviate or solve our identified social issues. This element is crucial to the success of the event. In addition, the social agencies will have the opportunity to share and create awareness of their existing challenges in delivering some of their programming.

Our Problem Statements

Food Security

Because of higher transportation and storage costs for food in Northern Ontario, many households struggle with access to nutritious foods or foods that are culturally appropriate. Timmins needs a sustainable solution(s) that will improve the current food security system by addressing gaps in emergency and non-emergency food services.

Social Agency Challenges

Because of time and resource constraints, social agencies face increasing pressures to meet and serve changing needs of their clients and communities. The social services sector in Timmins, needs an approach and/or solution(s) that will allow organizations to build internal capacity and to facilitate opportunities for collaboration and innovation in service delivery.

Challenge: How do we build capacity to serve unmet and/or changing needs? Building this capacity in the sector also links to agencies being able to better address homelessness, health and food security challenges.


Because of the lack of infrastructure and lack of awareness of services to support individuals facing homelessness, people experiencing homelessness are unable to escape a cycle of poverty.

Timmins needs a sustainable solution(s) that will help establish a coordinated effort to ensure individuals are provided timely and dignified access to services they require to increase their quality of life and skills to ensure financial security.

Access to Services and Healthcare for the Aging Population

Because of the aging population in Northern Ontario, Timmins is trying to help seniors stay in their homes longer. We need a solution(s) that would allow seniors to maintain vibrant and healthy lifestyles, while minimizing social isolation and loneliness.