head start in business

Our Programs

School Programs

School programming plants the seed of entrepreneurship and leadership among our young people and encourages students to be enthusiastic about their future. In-class programs are facilitated by a trained coordinator and integrate classroom curriculum to draw the connections between entrepreneurship and educational outcomes. Programs are offered in both official languages in schools across Northern Ontario.

Summer Camps

Head Start in Business offers a unique and memorable summer camp experience where campers learn about entrepreneurship through a variety of games and activities and have the opportunity to run their own “Business for a Day.” Youth Enterprise Camp is offered as a residential or day camp in various locations across Northern Ontario.

Community Programs & Events

In the community, Head Start in Business brings together various organizations which help create a culture of entrepreneurship in Northern Ontario. Coordinators work with local organizations to create a memorable entrepreneurship experience for youth.

Hector the Business Plan Assistant

This interactive website will provide you with the tools needed to create a business plan suitable for product or service oriented businesses.  If you have the desire to be your own boss and a good idea for a business, this software could be the most important tool you can use, ensuring a well thought out business plan.