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Market Your Thoughts

The Market Your Thoughts competition encourages intermediate students to think creatively about enterprising ventures and to pursue entrepreneurial thinking and action. In partnership with the teacher, we work to identify, recognize and support the talent and initiative of our enterprising youth.

The competition will involve students identifying a business opportunity that they believe could work in Northern Ontario and create a multimedia business plan describing their business concept. Students will have an opportunity to win money and prizes.

How it works?

This program is designed as a two-hour to a half-day workshop facilitated by a local Program Coordinator. The workshop focuses on idea generation and brainstorming techniques to help students come up with a unique business concept. Following the workshop, teachers are encouraged to use the resource booklet to further engage their students in entrepreneurship discussion. Students are to complete their multimedia business plan during class time.

Curriculum Connections

The contest is curriculum connected to English/Media Literature/Visual Art/Financial Literacy and Geography.

Program Perk

A school winner will be named in each grade, and each winner will receive $25, a T-shirt and certificate. All students receive a participation certificate.

Winning submissions are entered in the regional competition where students can win $100 and are featured in our quarterly newsletter.

Contest deadline

The deadline to submit entries to your local coordinator is April 3, 2020.*

“The program instills confidence and teaches them they can change things in the world. “