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Kids Invent Toys! ™

Kids Invent Toys! ™ is an after school program or a day camp that lets kids create some wild new playthings. Developed at California State University, Fresno, Kids Invent Toys! ™ has children aged 9-12 make mock up toys, create new toys, advertise their toys, and have a lot of fun while learning about inventing and entrepreneurship.

Parents say Kids Invent Toys! ™ is the best program that their children have experienced. Kids have the freedom to be creative and work with their hands. They analyze a toy to get ideas for their own toys and create a marketing plan to make their toy invention the next big hit.

How it works?

The Kids Invent Toys! ™ Program is designed as an after-school program or day camp facilitated by a local coordinator. As an after-school program, the workshop is approximately 1 hour and a half. As a day camp, the workshop usually runs Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Coordinators provide all necessary materials including registration forms and workshop is available in both official languages.

* A space equipped with tables, chairs and access to sink is recommended.

**Costs associated with Kids Invent Toys™ Day Camps and Holiday Toy Makers varies. No cost for after school programming. 

Program Perk

Students who participate in the Kids Invent Toys™ program get to keep all their cool creations!

“It was a unique program for this age group – the hands-on approach intrigued my son, so he had fun while he learned.”