Intrapreneurs: an economic force!

  • June 11, 2018
150 150 Head Start in Business

The bilingual Head Start in Business (HSIB) program offers many practical workshops covering several entrepreneurial aspects such as business planning, inventive ingenuity or brand development.

This type of workshop not only promotes the development of behavioural skills enhancing entrepreneurship, but also helps youth acquire methodology. As a matter of fact, these activities involve choosing a subject and breaking it down to reach an objective. Young people therefore learn to organize their ideas, their needs, and their resources. Afterwards, they analyze their community’s needs and assess the time required for a cost efficient assessment. The skills they learn to develop are all part of efficient project management!

Intrapreneurial Strength 

Project management demands explicit personality traits, more specifically those of an entrepreneur such as curiosity, perseverance, creativity and a real need for achievement.

However, a certain number of people with these business skills will not necessarily decide to start a business themselves. We call them “intrapreneurs” because they prefer to put their skills to good use by working for a company, thereby avoiding the risks linked to building their own enterprise. These profiles are particularly in demand in sectors such as applied research, product development and project management. Their strategic thinking, especially regarding innovation is sought out by many companies!

For this reason, the Clearlogic study reveals that communities gain a lot by supporting youths’ commitment to their work instead of simply executing their tasks. We realize that they are more likely to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset by encouraging them with the necessary resources, support, promoting a flexible work schedule with a competitive salary reflecting their contribution to the company. It’s the best way to ensure employee retention, especially for millennial employees.