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Get Funded

Get FUNded introduces students on how to get funding for their future or present business ventures. It explains different funding options and the benefits of using our partners, the Community Futures Development Corporation. They will understand the difference between loans and grants as well and complete their very own financial documents such as a loan agreement, cash flow projections and others.

This workshop is curriculum connected to: Entrepreneurship, Financial Accounting Fundamentals, Accounting for a Small Business and Entrepreneurship: Venture Planning in an Electronic Age.

Business – Specialist High Skills Major:

Sector recognized certification and/or training courses/programs:

  1. Specialized Business program

How it works?

Get Funded is designed as a 60-minute virtual workshop facilitated by your local Program Coordinator. All supplies and materials will be provided. Please advise your Program Coordinator if SHSM certificates will be required.

“Continue to offer these programs because they remove the fear of starting a business, helping build a sustainable entrepreneurial culture.”