Entrepreneurial targets achieved!

  • June 11, 2018
150 150 Head Start in Business

Play an active role in your community, change the mindset.  

Since 2004, entrepreneurship activities offered by Head Start in Business (HSIB) have significantly evolved and improved. HSIB programming is geared towards youth aged 4 to 34. In the last few months, studies were conducted to determine whether this program was still reaching its objectives and had contributed to changing mindsets. Does HSIB successfully reach youth across Northern Ontario? Does HSIB actually support them in

youth enterprise campstarting a business? Does HSIB showcase entrepreneurship as a viable career option? Good news, Head Start in Business does make a tremendous impact on today’s youth! Clearlogic, an independent organization has assessed HSIB’s programming results. They’ve surveyed 300 of our previous participants, along with an additional 100 youth participants aged from 15 to 29 acting as a control group for comparative purposes, as well as teachers and community stakeholders.

According to the partakers of Head Start in Business, the program has achieved its objective in supporting and enhancing entrepreneurship initiatives in Northern Ontario.

From 2015 to 2017, HSIB has delivered this bilingual program to over 13,000 participants across Northern Ontario. Programming has enabled us to raise entrepreneurial awareness to a large number of youth, encouraged perseverance and provided our audience with lifelong problem solving tools. In short, these activities have long-term effects on the participants, notwithstanding their choice of pursuing a career in business or not.


  • HSIB has helped over 35 youth start their own businesses and has provided support to six youth-owned businesses.
  • HSIB has promoted entrepreneurship and self-employment to participants.
  • HSIB has established and sustained 214 community partnerships, including partnerships in 146 schools.

HSIB has created 10 direct and full-time jobs.

Besides providing us with data, this study also aligns with one very important entrepreneurial requirement: taking a step back and seeking outside advice to ensure you’re on the road to success.