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Be a Business Bee

The Be a Business Bee program introduces students to the world of entrepreneurship through a series of modules. The workshops provide students the opportunity to engage in a play based learning experience focused on: community, business, entrepreneurship and much more! Children are encouraged to make real life connections, while having thoughtful conversations about what it means to be an entrepreneur!

How it works?

Be a Business Bee is based on 5 modules that require approximately 60-90 minutes each. They can be virtually delivered over a period of 5 days, 3 days or a full day by your local Program Coordinator. All necessary supplies and materials will be provided.

This program is curriculum connected to: Social Studies, the Arts and Language.

“I highly recommend the Be a Business Bee series of workshops to compliment all elementary community and career studies”

Edith Presseau – A. B. Ellis Public School