Inventor Centre

At Head Start in Business, we’re proud of the impact that we make in our Northern Ontario communities through our interactive workshops and camps. We enjoy getting to know our communities through our schools, parents, and of course, our students. We’re passionate about entrepreneurship, we love watching those “light bulb” moments as our youth realize that they can take their hobbies and interests and create a viable business at any age. Faced with current school closures, we have created a new way to keep our youth innovating, experimenting, and learning about entrepreneurship.

We are bringing hands-on activities right into your home!

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing Head Start In Business’ new online INVENTOR CENTRE! We hope our new online initiative will keep the entrepreneurial spirits of our youth alive!

-The Head Start in Business Team

To access the Inventor Centre activities please visit our Inventor Centre website at and like our facebook page to never miss an activity!