Entrepreneurial Professional Development

Centre for Entrepreneurship Education & Development Incorporated (CEED) has created a number of adaptable, hands on professional development programs aimed at entrepreneurship education and development.  Recognizing a need for innovative entrepreneurship activities and programs, CEED’s training team created our fully –customizable Entrepreneurial Professional Development training programs.

Professional Development for Educators

Entrepreneurial Professional Development training provides educators with experiential learning, which they can utilize, no matter the subject, to make learning stimulating and energetic. This program incites teachers to step out of their comfort zone and creates new outlooks and approaches to viewing entrepreneurship. Teachers learn how to guide students in recognizing their own entrepreneurial characteristics and potential, thereby assisting them to generate ideas and identify opportunities.

Jump Right In

Jump Right In is a hands-on workshop series, up to three days, that broadens the participants’ understanding of entrepreneurship.  JRI introduces people to tools and resources they can use to assist their own clients.  JRI will allow participants to explore new ways to think outside the box while participating in various entrepreneurial activities that can easily be used in the workplace.  There will be a few surprises along the way- we can guarantee a lot of laughs and a great time!

The Northern Ontario Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative has trained CEED facilitators and can provide CEED training to organizations in Ontario. Please contact Cindy Reasbeck at 705 337-1407 or toll free at 888 289-4233 for more information.

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I am very satisfied and am so sold on the program concept that I also put my own resources into this.”  Teachers