The City

The City is a learning program developed by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) with the goal of teaching young people financial skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives. The Canadian Centre for Financial Literacy has provided this opportunity for community organizations serving youth. It takes approximately 17 hours to deliver:

Module 1: Pre-Assessment
Module 2: Lifestyle Reality Check
Module 3: Life Stage Characters
Module 4: Needs, Wants and Priorities
Module 5: Income, Expenses and Budgets
Module 6: Savings and Banking
Module 7: Credit and Debt
Module 8: Insurance
Module 9: Investing
Module 9 – Part I: Types of Investment
Module 9 – Part II: The Investment Process
Module 10: Financial Plan
Module 11: Post-Assessment

The Northern Ontario Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative has additional financial capabilities curriculum developed through Social Enterprise Development Innovations that is available to various organizations that work with youth.  We believe that financial education and entrepreneurship training go hand in hand when working with youth at any age.

It was a great experience for parents, and it got kids thinking about starting their own business, which they would otherwise not think about at this early age.”  Principals