Kids Invent Toys! is an after school program or a day camp that lets kids create some wild new playthings. Developed at California State University, Fresno, Kids Invent Toys has children aged 9-12 make mock up toys, create new toys, advertise their toys, and have a lot of fun while learning about inventing and entrepreneurship.

Parents say Kids Invent Toys is the best program that their children have experienced. Kids have the freedom to be creative and work with their hands. They analyze a toy to get ideas for their own toys and create a marketing plan to make their toy invention the next big hit.

Quick Facts:

  • Fosters innovation and creativity.
  • Entrepreneurial skills and scientific applications in toy testing and building.
  • Presentation and Public speaking skills
  • Promotes lifelong learning and public speaking skills.

The Northern Ontario Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative is now the Franchiser of the Kids Invent Toys program for Ontario, Quebec and Eastern Canada.  For more information on purchasing a franchise for your community or organization please contact Cindy Reasbeck at (705) 337-1407 or toll free at (888) 289-4233 or you can visit


My kids are now talking about inventing something after they finish college.  It encouraged them with their education and reinforced self employment as a real choice for them.”  Parents