Northern Ontario Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative

The Northern Ontario Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative has been at the forefront of youth entrepreneurship initiatives in Northern Ontario since 2001.

We believe that creating an entrepreneurial mindset in youth will bring to the forefront the opportunities entrepreneurship as a viable career option will present.

Together with our main funders FedNor and the Ontario Trillium Foundation as well as our many partners and stakeholders we have achieved significant impact on entrepreneurial and intrapraneurial thinking in our youth.

In the last four years we have introduced over 10,000 youth aged 8 to 34 to entrepreneurship.

Northern Ontario will benefit from the lasting legacy of entrepreneurial culture. It is imperative that our youth understand that they can create their own future, while remaining in the North.

Success Stories

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Entrepreneurs in Action
Sydney Keown
"I never thought when I was making a Christmas gift for my Mom that it could actually turn into my own business "
Sydney Keown

Sydney was a participant in the Youth Enterprise Teen Camp this summer in Mattawa! Great job Sydney!


When you tell adults you will take their kids, get them to develop a business idea, borrow money, start a business, allow them to keep the profits, all while they have fun, and all in five days, adults quickly ask how to sign kids up.”  Sponsors/Supporters